helps your copropriété get a lot more Internet!

Group Purchase with your copropriété

Do you live in a building with 25+ units? Each one of your neighbors has
with modern internal cabling? offers super fast wifi because we coordinate.

Fast Wifi. For Everyone.

90% of modern home usage is with wifi. However, a major problem is wifi interference. Each of your neighbors has a separate device with its own settings, fighting for its turn to speak. Increasing power or adding APs will only increase interference. What you and copropriété need to do is to collaborate. By collaborating everyone gets much better speeds and much better coverage. offers insanely fast speeds. Upload and Download.

Insane Speeds: Down and Up

A modern user's new reality is that sending bandwidth (upload) is as important as receiving. When you get home, all those videos and photos on your phone back up to the cloud, each new post you make on Facebook, Instagram, etc. requires ample upload speeds. Want a smooth video conference for your work? You need robust upload speeds. However, most providers drown you in download while starving your uploads. They will give you 20x more download than upload. We believe in symmetric. That means that you get the same speed in download as in upload.


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