Why Should Belgians Pay the Most for the Worst Internet?

Rico Trevisan with his first computer.

That is me in 1991...

I was playing with my first computer. A computer with a very special feature: a modem. That sweet sound of a connection being made, my parents yelling that we should get off the phone line... That modem changed my life. 


More Choice in '91 than in '16

In 1991 the Internet was not even called the Internet. However, I already had more options of providers than what I have now. These providers, or Internet Service Providers (ISPs), worked hard for my money. Err, my parents' money. There were a wide range providers and each had a different business models.

1 Cable, Many Providers

The modem + a phone line was what drove this Cambrian explosion. Customers could vote with their money. Do not like a provider? Just dial up to another one? Providers, in turn, could set up shop very quickly.

A Duopoly Arises

After this Cambrian explosion, we are left with gigantic dinosaurs guarding the entrance to the Internet. 

Bring an end to the duopoly of Telenet and Proximus
— Alexander De Croo

Duopolies damage the market because:

  • They are slow to upgrade their networks.
  • There is no variety of business models.
  • They do not keep up with customer demand.
  • The customer is a burden in their system..

It is not unique to Belgium. Many countries when through this. The winning solution is an open access network

If you Build it They Will Come

Actually, we built it and they came. En masse.

digital omnivores.jpg

More People, More Devices

Evolution of the iPhone


Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 23.06.48.png

Hungry Hungry Apps

Our children are growing up in a world where every screen is of super-high resolution, everything is streamed, and Internet access is a human right. We need to build a network that will meet their needs.

The solution is to move towards a system where one cable can deliver customers a never-ending choice of suppliers.


More Competition

Easy & simple to switch providers.

All offers are displayed in a list to make it easy to compare and, when you decided to switch, the switch is done within seconds. No staying home to wait for technician, no paperwork, no visit to some shop.

Low barrier to entry for new ISPs.

It is super simple and quick for any internet service provider to join. The ISP does not have to invest in civil works infrastructure and expensive projects - we do it all for them. The ISPs are free to focus on what they do best: serve customers.

Better Products

Wide variety of offers

Do you want the fastest internet? Best customer service? Get the most amount of traffic? Budget conscious? Child friendly? Are you a gamer and want the lowest latency possible? Or do you want anonymity? There is an app - err… an ISP for that.

We make it incredibly easy for any qualified company to become an ISP. Which means that there are always new ideas and innovation in products.

Better Prices

A fluid marketplace spurs competition. Competition improves prices.

For example, in an open access market like Sweden, a consumer can get 250 Mbps connection for €40 per month. In Belgium, you would have to pay upwards of €1000 per month!


Price for 250 Mbps Subscription

Build Once, Connect Many Times

Our network uses modern technology: SDN. Software Defined Networks means that there any changes to the network are made in software in a high-automated manner. There is no field technician going out in cold, rainy days to connect you. Everything happens in software in a fully automated manner.